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Whether you are looking for surf trip morocco, surf guiding, Yoga surf Retreat, an apartment for rental or what so ever, we will organize it for you.


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Hee nalu surf camp Morocco is an exclusive surf travel agency, offering unique surf holidays / Surf coaching in Morocco at affordable prices.

The surf camp is located 15km north of Agadir, 45min from Agadir airport. We are based right in the middle of the Mecca of surf in Morocco. Stay at our surf camp Morocco if you want to meet surfer from around the word and live the surfing style, or for more privacy you can rent one of our apartment in Taghazout.

Most of all we are located right front of the famous surf spots of Morocco. Banana point, Devil’s Roch, Crocro beach and at 5 min drive from the world class Anker point. Furthermore the view from our surf house is outstanding, whether your at the terrace, kitchen or any other place at the camp. You can enjoy the sunsets and the panoramic beautiful view of Taghazout Bay.

Our friendly team are experienced and qualified surf instructors who are willing to make from your vacation an extraordinary journey. Also you can’t be in Morocco without tasting the Moroccan appetizing food. Our Chef will cook delicious and pleasant meals with the world known moroccan spices, as well as the European meals. All fresh and organic products to suit all different tastes. Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten free is available. In conclusion our surf camp Morocco is great place for couples, solo surfer, family, or group of friends. Also if you want more privacy and would like to stay near shops and restaurants, we offer Beachfront rental apartments in Taghazout, located 5 min walking distance to Anker point. Whether you are looking for surf trip morocco, surf guiding, Yoga surf Retreat, an apartment for rental or what so ever, we will organize it for you.


This is how a week of surf discovery for beginners with He'e nalu surf camp Morocco looks like. All what you need to do is enjoy your vacation, have fun and relax! We will teach you the basic of surfing in fun and save environment. If you like traveling, meeting nice people from around the world, eating home made healthy meals then you will love staying at our place. We guarantee you a unique travel experience in Morocco.


First surf experience ever

First surf experience ever

You might be one of those surrounded by surfers who keep sharing their adventurous trips, and their exciting experiences, while you are just stuck in your place! Never dared to try?! As for you, It is very difficult! You tried Bodyboard, but it’s never the same. Now It is your turn to make a step forward, challenge yourself and finally take some surf lessons in he'e Nalu surf camp morocco .

A story of a surfer girl

A story of a surfer girl

We all have dreams about our life. Some dream seem to be easy to reach and realise some other seem to me unreal. Depending on the love, your ambitions and mostly your courage and strength that we have.